CHP's new Scavenger upgrade kit!

The Scavenger ready for assembly
We have developt a new Scavenger in Sweden. It's made for Harley Davidson Flat Heads from year 1937. It increases capacity 40%. To take care of the high flow CHP's oil feed pump. The installation requiers 1/4" longer studs and longer 1/4"-24 bolts.
You also need to modify the outlet nipple. See picture below.

Price excluding VAT and transports:
$ 399.

Order here / questions here

To the right - Scavenger modify outlet:
This is done by mounting a Colony repair nipple at 10 degrees angle. Too avoid an oil line to frame conflict.

Scav Scav Scav
See picture above, 10 degree angle on Scavenger nippel and small adjustment of oil line. No oil line / frame conflict.

See a modification oil line outlet video here:
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